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Our Products & Services

Our services expertise are mainly supporting our clients base on the OSI 7 layers from Layer 1 to Layer 5.

We specialize in data & voice structure cabling with certified Installers with high knowledge in the principle of selected high profile brand including fiber optic, Cat-6A, Cat-6, Cat 5E and voice structure. Network & IT Connectivity Design as well as IT consultation. Our services include Network equipments inclusive of Network switches, Media Converters, Wireless Networking, Network Security, Broadband Communications (ADSL, SDSL, VDSL, GePON), Surveillance (CCTV &  IP), Access Card for gated & guarded community as well as IT Servers, VM (Virtual Machine), PC and Peripherals.

Layer 1

Physical Connection

UTP - 1G to 100G and Fast Ethernet - category 5E, 6, 6a & 8 Cabling
Infrastructure - Fiber - OM & OS (Indoor & Outdoor)
DOCSIS - SMATV (MATV) cable for high bandwidth internet up to 800Mbps
Specialise in Data & Voice structure Cabling Installer from the principle AMP, Panduit and R&M

Layer 2

Data Link

1G, 2.5G, 10G, 40G and 100G Connection
POE / POE+ /POE++ / Ultra
IP Telephony
Voice & Video over IP (VOIP)
Wireless - Indoor / Outdoor
Server, NAS, SAN, Print Server, IP KVM,
Peripherals IP Power Manager, Ethernet Adapter

Layer 3 & 4


Network Security
Internet Monitoring
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Load Balancer
Link Bonding
Unifies Threat Management (UTM)

Layer 5


Microsoft Server / Window OS
Network Monitoring
Disaster Recovery
Data Leak Protection
Server Hosting
Cloud Computing
VM (Virtual Machine)

IT Consultancy

Our primary focus is to help clients solve the day to day problems that the clients are facing in their business. Our dedicated team have 20 years of experience working with a wide range of organisations.

IT Maintenance

This service requires ongoing monitoring and proactive IT maintenance support to minimise downtime which ensures business continuity. With the right tools, it can save your business expenses and disruption of downtime.

IT Tech Support & Repair Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of IT services including system setup and installation, computer repair, home pc support, scanning services up to systems operation care.

Network & Structured Cabling Service

We provide a structured network and data cabling installation governed by a set of standards (COMMSCOPE certified) that determine standard cabling for data or voice communications using Category 5 (CAT 5E) or Category 6 (CAT 6E) high quality cable and modular sockets.

IT Server & Data Services

Your inherently complex business needs clarity and the right kind of support in this domain. With the building system integrated with our internet data centre equipped with 24/7 on-site tech staff, it's an ideal solution for server colocation, disaster recovery, data centre and IT facility outsourcing. You will be able to optimize uptime, energy use, cost and more.

Network Security Assessment Services

With this service endured, you can stop worrying about malware attacks and the risk of consequential damage of the threats that exist in the current market. Network Security Assessment offers an efficient testing model where we can adopt, refine and reuse to create proactive defensive strategies to protect your systems from the threats out there. We provide cost-effective solutions with actionable metrics and tailored risk management dashboard for your businesses.

Our IT Solutions

Consists Of IT Equipments

Structure Cabling

Network Equipment


RFID & Biometric Card Access


Building ICT & ELV Structure Solutions

Voice & Video

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